Vloggers in an online marketing environment

The subject of this essay will be about how exactly the marketers should tackle the changes in the advertising in world in a way the consumer will believe their products. And to do that the best way, a marketer should find an influencer who can get people to immediately believe in the ability of the product and the product becomes desirable immediately, whereas through regular advertisements don’t have this effect usually.


To be able to fully dive into this subject, we first need to lay down what exactly an influencer is. An influencer is somebody who is able to influence many people at the same time; either through social media or traditional media (N.D.). To be even more precise, we’re going to look into vloggers specifically. Vloggers vlog in every subject known. To give a precise example, there is a life-style blogger called ‘Zoella’ and she has more than 11 million people following her on Facebook (N.D.). These people watch her every move, every single day. All of her revenue is from companies who pay her to get her to say good things about their brand, and people instantly believe it because she is an influencer. Easy as that.


It is a well-known fact that today’s digital environment is nothing like the big advertisements in the newspapers. The marketing department has to be able to find new areas where people will see their ads and instantly will want to buy them. They are in need of this since a consumer will look upon several advertisements while just opening their Facebook or before watching a clip on Youtube.  Modern marketing is founded on the principles of analysis, planning, implementation and control (Kotler, 2003). Marketers of today need to realize they are no longer the masters of meaning, their products and messages have a life of their own and their intended receivers are not passive targets but creative partners in creating these identities (Christensen, Torp, Firat, 2005). That is why marketers need to come up with different reasons how they can appeal to their target group in the right manner. A great way to do this is through vloggers. Since they are the creators of the consumers themselves, they tell each other which products to use and not to use, and that makes them more trustworthy than a company (Hsu, C.L., Lin, J.CC., 2007). But what makes a vlogger a good choice for a marketer and why do people actually believe this other consumer over others? What makes a vlogger a real influencer? We will discuss this in the next part.


Even though vlogging can hardly be called face-to-face interaction, consumers still base their opinions on the same social parameters as in these social platforms (Hsu, C.L., Lin, J.CC., 2007). That is why is not easy for a vlogger to go viral immediately, the same as not anybody around you at school is popular in an instant. It takes a lot of people to convince to get to the top. It is only at the top, that consumers believe the vlogger to have ‘grown’ above other opinions around the consumer’s own environment, and therefore the opinion matters more than those of people closer to the consumer. This is when a vlogger can become an influencer (Moyer, 2012). Consumers believe, in full extent, that other consumers are here to educate them and not to feed off the rewards they get in return, they believe a influencer to be sincere (Hsu, C.L., Lin, J.CC., 2007). The most important factor, for a consumer to be able to enjoy the vlogger’s page is, surprisingly, not the ability to learn something, but the ability to enjoy themselves (Hsu, C.L., Lin, J.CC., 2007). The most important factors that belong in the mix of becoming a successful vlogger are for example to be smart, verbal, ambitious, productive and poised (Moyer, 2012). The least favorable attributes in a vlogger are self-pitying, indecisive, easily frustrated, self-defeating and lacking meaning in life (Moyer, 2012). In this study, research found that influencers are to have the same qualities as a general CEO (Moyer, 2012).
A marketer must first look at how the vlogger interacts with it’s viewers, is these vloggers likeable? Then the next strategy has to be to look at what exactly the target audience is that specific viewer. As said, viewers mostly watch the vlogger which is most entertainable, they won’t go out of their way to look up information about a specific product. They want the influencer to first discuss the topic first, before they take action. Therefore, it is crucial that the first contact with the product comes from a contact they trust, not the company, but the influencer.





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