How To Make Your Blog Successful Using Online Marketing

A successful blog would not be possible without the use of online marketing. Blogs are born on the Internet and use online marketing to grow and thrive. They use a blogging platform to begin, social media to grow, SEO to measure and online advertisements to make money.

Blog About Vlogs is created to teach others about the world of blogging and vlogging but also how they can make their blog/vlog something they are proud of and that they can use as a source of income, using online marketing.

When starting the process of publishing your thoughts on the Internet, you need to do a self-assessment to see where you are. What do you plan on sharing? Why are you blogging/ vlogging in the first place? Once you evaluate yourself you next need to decide which platform with leverage your ideas best. “Communication is as much a process of discovery as it is transmission of messages and meanings.” (Christensen, Torp, Firat, 2005) Blogging us not something people can just pick up over night. There is a lot of trial and frustration. Blogs are not perfect. Even in the midst of all of this, there is also a lot of triumph and it is a wonderful way to put thoughts and ideas out in the World Wide Web.

The next step is to figure out the appropriate platform to use.Are you planning on reaching out to your audience through video? Use YouTube. Writing? WordPress or Blogger. Photos? Tumblr. Want to grow your blog into a business? SquareSpace. After choosing your platform, personalize it. The best part about creating a blog or vlog is that it is your own. You follow your own rules and you can make this an expression of yourself. Making your blog one of a kind will also contribute to its success rate. Not only will you be more inclined to write for it because it will be a topic that you enjoy but the market needs unique blogs. “In 2011 there were nearly 160 million public blogs in existence. As of April 2013, this number has more than doubled.” (Mohr, 2016) If your blog can for it’s own niche market in the 320 million plus blogs out there, it won’t be diluted in the masses.

After personalizing your blog, you now need to figure out what, if any social platforms will increase your brand awareness. It is important to note that social media isn’t also the answer; it usually is but not always. It is suggested to start pumping content into your blog. “It should be noted that each blogger only heavily utilized two or three social media platforms as part of their blogging strategy.”(Hawkins, 2016)  Work with only in your means. If you know you won’t have time to maintain more than one or two platforms, then don’t create more. There is no sense in having social media accounts if you cannot utilize them. Encourage people to sign up for a monthly newsletter or to follow you on social media so they can be in the loop when you post content on your blog/ vlog. The key to being on social media isn’t just having a presence; it is to continuously interact with your followers. Reply to comments and messages and reply to them how you would normally talk. This is your blog; it is an extension of yourself. If you talk in a formal manner, respond in a formal manner. If you talk and write in a casual manner, communicate with your followers that way too.

This is just the beginning for your blog and its journey in online marketing. Key takeaways are to find your voice, utilize your platform, make your blog stand out and finally, market your brand online. Following these recommendations will help take off your blog. It may not be obvious to see but this is the big picture of online marketing, broken down. Using an online platform and social outlets to promote the blog and maybe even built in advertisements is online marketing. The blogger is marketing their ideas to the world and using the Internet to promote them.




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