Our Favourite Foodie Channels

As we all love food, there are a lot of people wanting to use the medium of the internet to spread their love. Before even starting on our morning coffee, we’ll see plenty of deliciously prepared food on our phones.We just love the bright colours and discovering different ways to make our food, knowing that we’d rather eat it, even though we know how it would make us feel afterwards. And because of the fact that we now can find so many food blogger/vloggers online, we’ll show you where to start off for inspiration.

We picked out our favourites especially for you, so you can get some foodie inspiration for those days you are not so sure what to rustle up.


Tasty is a Facebook channel where simplicity is key. The overall look and feel of every separate video is uniform. The videos rely solely on their products, and the ingredients.
It is the perfect way for a viewer to easily recreate the dishes that Tasty has prepared, which makes it immediately more likeable.  tasty.jpg

Tasty has all kinds of separate channels, to supply to every tasty need of the viewers. The channel offers a number of recipes, including cocktails, Spanish dishes and even simply just desserts.

Like, eat and enjoy!

Link: Tasty on Facebook

Epic Meal Time

What we like most on the web, next to cats, is to be able to laugh. And that is certainly what you’ll do when looking at these youtube channel stars.
To put in words what it is they do, we only need to tell you their name. EpicMealTime.

They have the highest calorie count in meals we’ve ever seen. You think hamburger, they think a hamburger wrapped in bacon, put inside a bigger bun, wrapped inside a 5 poemtund other hamburger while being fried. Yes. That much.

Make sure to check them out! It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before!

Link: Epic Meal Time on Youtube

Chicks Love Food

We all know that feeling when biting into your mom’s food. It makes you feel at home.

Chicks-love-food.jpgThis is the same feeling we get when looking at ChicksLoveFood. Their overall style, with a lot of different, but mainly mild, colors, makes you feel at ease instantly.
Their faces are visible throughout the page, which immediately makes them connect with the viewer. And they stick to the trends by only choosing environmental friendly products.

So make sure to check them out!

Link: Chicks Love Food Website


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