Habits of Successful Bloggers and Vloggers

Having a successful blog or vlog does not happen over night. Bloggers and vloggers everywhere will tell you that it takes time, work and a lot of patience for your blog/ vlog to be successful.

Here are some habits of successful bloggers:

They engage with their audience.

Blogs and vlogs are created to create a community of like- minded people. The best way to have people faithly read and watch your content is to interact with them. No one likes to have a one-sided conversation. It is also important to know who your audience is and tailor your content to be what they want to see. A great blogger or vlogger knows their audience, listens to what they want, then delivers it and continues the conversation with your viewers.

They treat their blog/vlog like a business.

If you are starting your blog or vlog and intend to make money off of it one day, it is important to treat it like a business from day one. Investing time, money and energy is key. Your blog/ vlog needs diligence and commitment to grow it from a hobby to a business.

They post consistently.

It is hard to keep the attention of your audience if your posts are sporadic and shared randomly. By posting the same amount of content weekly, or even monthly, you will bring a steady amount of viewers to your page. Another reason it is important to post on a regular basis is so you can pull better analytics.

They only work with what they can handle.

If blogging/ vlogging is a part time gig for you, this is very important. Know your limits. If running a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and actually creating content for your blog/ vlog is too much, pull back. Figure out what platforms are most important to the success of your blog and utilize them.

They are passionate about what they are sharing.

You have to have heart in your blog/ vlog in order to want to stick with it and create great content. The best bloggers/ vloggers are passionate about what they do and you can tell in their work. Find what makes your happy and go for it.


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